The Empowered Patient 

The Empowered Patient 

What does it mean to be an empowered patient today? Is it simply to access our medical records or have immediate access to test results? A deeper dive into patient empowerment reveals more than just simple access but rather engagement, education and accountability. 

Easy Health Information Access

An empowered patient has access to their health information, relevant, focused education, the ability to engage with the aforementioned and the gift of accountability. The goal behind any healthcare system should be to help patients provide as much quality care for themselves as they can. How can technology support our healthcare teams and empower our patients? The answer is Eva, the first Interpretive Health Record(IHR). Within Eva is the Eva Core patient interview, an interactive and adaptive patient interview which generates the foundation of the medical record. Rules-based algorithms apply artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret the data input and present a preliminary document to the patient and provider:

  • The patient dashboard presents an overall Eva Core Health Score to approximate global wellness
  • The top three Eva Core Health Alerts serve to focus attention on t
  • he wellness areas that need the most support
  • The Eva Core Health Graph visually represents the overall wellness picture in an easy-to-read “big picture” context
  • “Open notes” charting enhances shared-decision making and informed consent
  • Graphic displays present patient data in clear concise terms
  • Providers and patients share this beautiful interface for clear communication and education m
  • A complete history and review of systems is developed by expert algorithms to improve clinical decision-making
  • Laboratory data is seamlessly integrated to refine clinician thought processes and final assessments
  • Adaptive multidisciplinary questionnaires are interwoven to create an accurate multispecialty functional assessment
  • Preliminary reports are finalized by clinicians after in-depth interview and physical examination
  • Clinician access through the patient portal encourages high-level transparency and participation 

Eva Core Interview

The Eva Core patient interview empowers patients by enlisting their participation from the initial generation of the medical record to the final development of a comprehensive care plan. Active participation is encouraged and reinforced throughout the health interview process. Patients are empowered with an enhanced awareness of their symptoms and medical history as valuable data points. With repetition and training theme-based logic allows for simultaneous targeted data acquisition and patient education. Eva Core conducts structured interviews to demonstrate clinical problem-solving models to patients while recording/interpreting chief complaint(s) and pertinent historical data. Eva Core provides round-the-clock availability allowing patients to input and update data from a broad range of resources: Medical Records, Pharmacy, Prescriptions/Supplements, Family and Providers.

Patient empowerment is central to the role of the Eva Core. Patient-driven health and wellness interventions are designed to complete the spectrum of traditional medical care.



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