Running a medical practice is HARD


Running a medical practice is HARD

It is hard to run a small business and thrive.  At Eva Health our team has years of experience owning, building and managing independent medical businesses. The number one lesson we’ve learned is just because you may be a great physician, doesn’t necessarily mean you are a good business owner, and a good business owner is not always a great manager. Once an individual can learn that lesson and accept it, they can actually take the steps to becoming great in any role. The second lesson, you need to invest in excellent technology to support your success. 

Healthcare And Business

Running a small business is hard, but running an independent medical practice is even harder, especially now. Owning an independent medical practice requires different skillsets from managing one. Often these two roles are meshed together and failure is more likely when there isn’t strong supportive systems in place. There are a few owner/manager/physicians out there that can wear multiple hats and successfully do so; having low staff turnover, long term patient relationships, affording to pay themself and having a work-life balance. How do they do it? They focus on patient-outcome driven care, building efficient clinical operations, treat their team well and invest in excellent medical/business software. 

Medical Software & Burnout

Most medical software available on the market is built around medical coding and billing for insurance agencies. The issue with utilizing the coding and billing insurance infrastructure as the foundation of medical software design is that it doesn’t actually care for the patient, the healthcare team or the health of the business. In a nutshell it makes your day-to-day operations inefficient, frustrating and confusing. This design flaw also creates the biggest financial issue for independent medical practices – HIGH overhead. This is the fuel behind physician, healthcare team and patient burnout.

Why are medical providers who own their business and manage it unhappy or close to closing their doors? Because their overhead is too high, they need better systems and more clinic support. Many medical practices survive by merging the owner, physician and manager role into one because they can’t afford or find a well-trained, experienced, and trustworthy practice manager. Providers simply don’t have the time to do the groundwork to find great staff. Really though, at this point in the game, most hospitals can’t keep their staff because travel agencies pay three to four times higher. How could an independent practice match those pay rates? They can’t, just like hospitals can’t. What’s the solution? Better designed technology, smart medical software that is designed, built and managed by a healthcare technology team – this is Eva. 

Smart Medical Software Solution

If you are an independent medical practice provider who is also an owner and happens to also be managing all your staff, first take a breath. You are doing a great job. Second, you are going to need help fulfilling all the responsibilities associated with each of these roles. Third, invest in a system and support group that can help you do this. Eva is a smart medical software that helps you and your team accomplish your clinical and business operations. Eva is designed around your clinical workflow, patient outcomes and drives practice revenue in an efficient and responsible way. Eva practices have seen an average 38% increase in revenue. Fourthly, take the time to learn and be trained in any medical software your practice uses, not just your staff, but you as well. If you do this with Eva, you can successfully own your business, be an excellent healthcare provider and have the time for a personal life. You can even pay yourself. 

Step into your role as a successful provider and business owner with the help of Eva and our team here at Eva Health. 

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