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Smart Scheduling

There is no worse way to start a day than looking at an obnoxious patient load and thinking, “this is impossible, why am I scheduled this way?”. The physical act of scheduling patients is easy with a good system but the thought process behind scheduling for a smooth enjoyable day is completely different. Finding a good scheduler is like magic. Every day is profitable and each patient gets everything they need right on time. Clinics that provide work-in procedures throughout the day are the trickiest to schedule but make for very satisfied patients! Smart scheduling helps support the clinical workflow and assure the patient, provider, and the entire healthcare team has a smooth day centered around patient care. This is why we’ve built smart scheduling into Eva. 

Surgeons generally have clinic days and procedure days, to avoid the chaos of doing both on the same day. Making room for the inevitable complications and emergencies is a priceless skill that requires experience and brains. Waiting up to an hour or more in the office infuriates patients and if the clinic runs behind, so does the operating room. It sucks the life out of  everyone, but most of all – the patient. Smart scheduling can alleviate much of this pain. How? Stay tuned. 

What is it?

What is smart scheduling? Smart scheduling seems to be a buzzword for medical software companies. Generally, it’s about automating some of the scheduling process, including patient communications. While automation can be helpful, at Eva Health we do not believe automating a calendar is enough. Eva smart scheduling is an active collaboration between smart medical software and medical staff. If your software “knows” what each visit entails your scheduler can really begin to engage in a smart scheduling process. Bingo! With Eva’s interaction and scheduling system we’ve hit the jackpot. Let’s dive in deeper. 

Scheduling encompasses an acknowledgment of the entire clinical workflow for each patient visit and how each visit leads into or interacts with another. Understanding your clinical workflow for each patient interaction is the key to smart scheduling. The patient interaction is the visit in its entirety, including all the staff members involved, the calendar scheduling, patient interview time, room assignment and setup time, appointment confirmation, inventory and supply management, clinical education, check-out and billing, follow-up instruction and setting up the calendar for follow-up. All of these factors comprise smart scheduling to produce the patient’s health and wellness outcome. Smart scheduling considers the entire patient interaction for every patient. That’s why a good scheduler is priceless. Because they consider it all and schedule for success. 

When you’re not “smart scheduling” everyone feels the chaos, especially your patients. Your days are full of miscommunication, lack of preparation (medical supplies, equipment, stocked rooms, no patient vitals, no patient history) late appointments, longer hours, and loss of revenue. Practices compensate by adding more appointments per hour and random services hoping to generate more revenue to make up for workflow inefficiency. Ultimately, patient outcomes are negatively impacted. What is the solution? Smart Scheduling, and this is why we’ve built smart scheduling into Eva. 

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