Patient Payment Options for Cash Medical Practices

Patient payment options for cash practices

Patient Payment Options

We believe in empowering independent cash medical practices to take control of their revenue. Providing flexible patient payment options and/or monthly memberships is an excellent tool for cash medical practices. As a healthcare provider, you know that prioritizing great relationships with your patients is necessary when it comes to continuing to bring in revenue. That’s why we’ve built Eva with payment option functionality, allowing your independent cash practice to take control of revenue while simultaneously offering patients choices. 

Cash Medical Practices

If you own a cash medical practice you’ve probably heard plenty of patients state, “ I wish you took my insurance!”. Integrative, Functional, Family Practice and Pediatric Physicians are at the bottom of the Reimbursement Scale – yet the more commonly needed care. Surgeons receive greater reimbursement than physicians who treat patients non-surgically, but their care isn’t more essential to patient outcomes. One could actually argue that preventive care is worth much more than damage cleanup. The reality is contracting with insurance companies isn’t the best healthcare option for the patient because it:

Insurance leaks profits
Insurance involvement is like a leaky faucet with your profits.
  • Limits patient treatment options
  • Limits the number and range of patient diagnostic tests
  • Limits and interferes with the doctor-patient relationship
  • Significantly increases practice overhead costs which decreased the quality of care
  • Increases wait time to receive care
  • Limits payment flexibility

Practices that choose to not compromise the quality of their care also choose to take control of their revenue with cash pay. Patient payment options for cash medical practices frees you to make choices and provide patients that same flexibility. 

Eva Flexible Patient Payment Options

Eva helps cash medical practices take control of their revenue. Eva’s
ures allows the practice to choose payment structures they want to offer patients. Eva’s billing functionality allows for: 


  • Payment Types (Cash, Credit, etc.)
    Eva's platform accelerates your patient payments!
    Eva’s platform accelerates your patient payments!
  • Automated Payment Plans (Fully Customized, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, etc.)
  • Membership Payment Plans ( Fully Customized, Monthly, Bi-Annually, Annually, etc.)
  • Coupon Codes (Fully Customized)

To learn more about the cash-based model for independent medical practices check out the Cash Practice Blog Article and Cash Medical Practice Podcast.

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