How Does Your Practice Measure Up? 5 Goals Defined by the AMA for Practice Success in Today’s Healthcare System

Let’s face it, doctors. Between patient care, paperwork avalanches, and the ever-changing healthcare landscape, it can feel like you’re constantly underwater. The American Medical Association (AMA) hears you, and they’ve outlined five key goals for a successful practice to thrive. But how do you actually achieve these goals in the trenches of daily medicine?

1. More Resources, More Time for What Matters

The Problem: You barely have a minute to breathe, let alone connect with patients, because you’re drowning in administrative tasks.

The Fix: Ditch clunky software! Automated features are available – shop for software that include a smart patient intake, laced with automated charting tied to an extensive clinical content library. This puts everything you need to provide better patient outcomes at your fingertips, while saving you a lot of time. Imagine the dynamic change in your patients’ experience!

2. Improve Financial Viability

The Problem: The current system can feel financially suffocating, with hidden fees and wasted resources.

The Fix:

  1. Drive transparency with a pricing model that is clear and upfront, with no hidden surprises.
  2. Adopt an EHR that makes billing so simple and easy that you remove the collections process.
  3. Can your EHR tie in nutraceutical recommendations to boost passive income that your patients trust?
  4. Consider converting to a cash practice that doesn’t filter patient care decisions through third-parties, depending on reimbursements that are increasing in risk.

Eva Health helps your practice achieve long-term financial stability, so you can focus on what you do best.

3. Minimize Administrative Burdens

The Problem: You’re buried in paperwork, and it feels like you spend more time behind a screen than seeing patients.

The Fix: Adopt a cloud-based platform that handles any redundant and intuitive data-entry! Automated tasks and integrated patient intake, charting, lab work, prescribing, billing, etc free up valuable staff time, allowing everyone to focus on patient care, not paperwork. Bonus if you can eliminate reimbursement and/or collection efforts (this alone can demand 1-2 salaries!).

4. Enable Physicians to Control Aspects of Spending that they can Influence

The Problem: You often feel like you have little control over practice expenses.

The Fix: Empowerment with Awareness is key. Get in control, making smarter decisions for a thriving practice. Your software should offer dynamic reporting showing you where every penny comes in, and out. You should be able to discern profitability at all levels (patient service, interaction type, business day, etc.). If you can’t, you’re running your practice with hindered vision and that needs to be corrected.

5. Avoid Transferring Inappropriate Financial Risk to Physicians

The Problem: Shouldering unwarranted financial risk can be a major stressor, and ultimate kill your practice.

The Fix:

  1. Convert to a cash practice.
  2. Offer your patients a coded superbill for flexible filing.
  3. Make sure you EHR makes 1 + 2 super easy!

Eva: Your Partner in a Thriving Practice

By prioritizing physician needs and tackling the goals outlined by the AMA in every way, Eva is a next-generation EHR designed to empower you, the doctor, to conquer the chaos of modern medicine. Eva is a SMART Interpretive Health Record designed to:

  1. operate intuitively without a single wasted key-stroke.
  2. lighten the work load for the entire clinical staff.
  3. improve AND protect the profit health of your medical practice.
  4. improve patient outcomes.
  5. stay up-to-speed with healthcare, and be customized to YOUR preferred clinical workflow.

Don’t fall to the risks of what is brewing on the horizon in the world of medicine. See how you can set up your practice to truly thrive and conquer the goals identified by the AMA. Take a look at Eva – it just may save your practice!

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