Eva Core uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a customized patient centered interview that builds a concise and complete medical record for your approval.

Eva Core Patient Interview

Eva Core is an electronic patient interview for patients to access through their personal devices or in the provider’s office. This dynamic interview generates the bulk of the medical record by gathering the patient history, family history, symptoms, and current health concerns. Rules-based algorithms apply artificial intelligence (AI) to organize the data and present preliminary findings within the patient chart:

  • A complete health history and review of systems recorded and subjected to rules algorithms for enhanced clinical decision-making.
  • Health Score – an overall global wellness score.
  • Health Graph – bar graph displaying foundational systems status.
  • Health Alerts – top three health areas to explore deeper with the patient.
  • Full Patient Interview – populates into the patient chart for provider review.

“Medical providers and healthcare staff explore the Eva Core patient interview results before face-to-face patient contact for rapid assessment of overall health status, chief complaint(s), and other history and systems review.”

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