Eva was started in 2003 by Dr. James Mahoney.  Eva was called many things over its past and many iterations have occurred in that time, but one thing remained constant, the mission.  Dr. Mahoney has been practicing medicine for over 40 years and while managing a thriving private practice in Southlake, Texas, Dr. Mahoney realized that healthcare was broken at its core.  Healthcare was more focused on getting from point A to point B than the actual patient’s story.  There was no system available to listen to the patient and account for their needs, wants, and journey in becoming well.  Every system was designed with one goal in mind; help the doctor note a chart and perhaps throw billing and a few other things in there for good measure.  Honestly, EMR’s were nothing more than a glorified word processor.  So Dr. J jumped to action and began developing a system that would listen to the patient, help the doctor understand their story, and provide an in-depth analysis of the best pathway for wellness.  Eva’s story was now just beginning to be written.  Over the years, multiple attempts were taken to address key issues with this model.  On the forefront, this idea doesn’t seem overly complicated, yet there were many hurdles to cross in this journey.  The ever-growing changes in technology has now allowed us to cross these hurdles and now bring Eva to the world. 

Eva’s story is continuing to be written as is your contribution.  Get excited…the best is yet to come!