Let Eva Do the Charting (No Scribe Required)

If you are like most doctors, you hate to chart…but Eva doesn’t.  Eva listens to the patient’s story and builds the chart for your approval.  The moment an appointment is scheduled Eva’s AI starts to work. Eva interprets complaints and symptoms to create treatment plans to address preliminary impressions. She generates an invoice with CPT and ICD 10 codes before you walk into the patient’s room. Final charting of your conclusions takes minutes instead of hours.

  • Eliminate charting errors
  • Spend valuable time with patients – not paperwork
  • Review and sign your chart in under a minute
  • Deliver rock-solid documentation every time

Face-Time or Screen-Time?

You didn’t spend years in medical training to be a data entry clerk.  You deserve better. Eva handles repetitive administrative duties so you can focus on your patient instead of clicking away at your keyboard. Then, Eva goes much further by conducting a thorough customized history, interpreting the data, and presenting it to you in an easy-to-use format that saves hours every day.

Eva puts you back in control of each encounter by giving you all the data you need right at your fingertips before you even enter the exam room. She makes giving excellent care easier – and so much more enjoyable.

  • Read your patient – not pages of forms
  • Share clinical decision-making on the same screen
  • Patient satisfaction soars with face-to-face contact

Easy Scheduling

Eva schedules the way you do. Finding the right time slot and scheduling patients takes seconds.  Eva even knows which rooms are available for which procedures and visits.

  • Search a patient to schedule in seconds
  • Send customized appointment emails automatically
  • Follow your patient’s progress through the whole visit
  • Smart scheduling makes for a profitable practice

Charge Like You Mean It!

Eva bills for the exact services required to provide excellent care for each patient. ICD-10 and CPT codes are included and built in to every Eva interaction. Eva is a cash-based platform designed for maximum freedom.

  • Automatic invoice creation
  • Invoice connected to charts
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Split/partial payment
  • Complete Superbill for insurance submission
  • 2-day deposit on all payments

Messaging is Unlimited

Eva makes messaging with patients and staff easy and HIPAA compliant.  Automated messaging can be customized to fit nearly any need. With Eva, you can send a text directly to your patients, team members, or groups.  Eva brings messaging into every critical step of patient care so your communication is 100%.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Quick bi-directional messaging
  • Message history
  • Team and Group Messaging

E-prescribing Built In

Don’t get slowed down with prescribing. Eva’s intuitive prescription writer makes searching for drugs, compounds, and pharmacies way faster and easier.  Eva even remembers your sig for a previous prescription.  Effortlessly prescribe and fully document in seconds – with Eva!

  • Fully certified through the Surescripts network
  • DEA certified for security and compliance
  • ID.me provider authentication
  • Blazing fast pharmacy lookup
  • Saved sigs
  • Auto-inactivate prescription
  • Future-fill prescriptions
  • Batch prescriptions (multiple pharmacies)

Integrated Labs

Eva lets you integrate labs directly into your charts and alerts you as they arrive.  Review and sign labs and easily text your patient and staff about the next steps.  Eva makes lab integration simply better!

  • HL7 integration with every major laboratory
  • Eva flags abnormal ranges for easy viewing and action
  • Quickly make provider comments about findings
  • Message patients from the lab review page
  • Graph lab findings and view custom trends over time

Empower Your Patients

Eva bridges the gap between you and your patients by introducing an “open note” platform.  Eva gives your patients full access to their appointments, messages, records, labs, invoices, and uploaded files saving your practice time and giving your patients the information they need.

  • Personal patient portal
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Access to practice contact info, upcoming appointments, billing invoices, visit notes, labs, documents, prescriptions, and messaging

Have It Your Way

Eva gives you the freedom to practice medicine how you want.  Eva’s practice customization makes it easy to customize what you want.  Take control of your practice!

  • Unlimited, custom interactions and surveys questions
  • Unlimited, custom templates
  • DPC Programs (Memberships)
  • Custom practice branding
  • More…

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