The Interpretive Health Record™

Providing counseling services in the fields of health, nutrition and lifestyle wellness.

Eva is the first Interpretive Health Record™ (IHR). She creates customized interviews to build concise and complete medical records. Eva uses the science from validated questionnaires to recognize patterns of health and disease. Instead of collecting pages and pages of useless data, Eva interprets each patient’s story to focus on the things that will make a difference and presents them in a beautiful way. Faster, easier, and complete – Eva is “Simply Better!”

Eva Will Cure Your EMR Headaches with Proven AI Technology!

  • Eva interviews your patient and charts like an expert
  • Cuts documentation time by up to 90%
  • Handles everything from the initial visit to final billing
  • Smart Technology connects you with patients.

E.M.R. – R.I.P.

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) promised to save time and improve the quality of patient care at the same time. Unfortunately, EMRs weren’t designed for patients and their caregivers but for insurance companies and the government. So, instead of saving time or improving patient care, EMRs have buried and burned out the health profession in documentation requirements that have no clear benefit.

Twenty years ago we began the Eva project to find the root cause of patients’ problems starting with the initial interview. Each story (history) was studied using artificial intelligence (AI)  to predict problems that might stay hidden for years. Eventually, all the charting, prescribing and billing was built on top of this Eva “Core.” Now, countless medical professionals and over 100,000 patients have participated in building a complete health and wellness platform that saves time and lives. Hello, Eva!  (RIP – EMR)

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