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Practice management software doesn’t need to be complicated.

Unfortunately, most medical practice management solutions create more work for practitioners and practice managers because they weren’t designed to be efficient or place a priority on patient care. Enter Eva, the Expert Virtual Assistant! Eva is the only smart medical practice management software designed by an independent practitioner to help independent medical practices thrive.

Eva automates practice management tasks, giving back valuable clinical time to the physician and patient. As the most advanced and user-friendly practice management suite, the Eva platform helps healthcare and medical practices across the globe improve their efficiency, productivity and patient outcomes.

* Medical practices increase their revenue by 38% on average after using Eva for 6 months!

What is practice management software?

Eva does what practice management systems SHOULD do (but most PM systems don’t):

  • Make it easy to communicate with patients, team members and vendors.
  • Drastically reduce time spent on paperwork, note taking and other “busy work.”
  • Provide easy access to all practice management tools in a beautifully designed interface.
  • Interconnect tools and features, so you never jump from page to page.
  • Automate compliance, so you don’t need to overthink it.
  • Provide the best patient care possible and treat MORE patients because your practice is so much more efficient.

Every PM Tool You Need in One Platform

Tools for Practitioners

  • Patient Interactions
  • Internal Messaging / Tasks
  • Patient Surveys
  • Physical Exams
  • Treatment Plans
  • Treatment Procedures
  • Common Diagnoses
  • Equipment
  • Labs
  • Lab Graph Groups
  • Practice Services
  • Practice Products
  • Drug Templates
  • Referral Contacts
  • Rooms / Calendar
  • Patient Billing

Tools for Practice Managers

  • Patient Interactions
  • Internal Messaging / Tasks
  • Supplies
  • Vendors
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Coupon Codes
  • Programs / Memberships
  • Equipment
  • Practice Services
  • Practice Products
  • Rooms / Calendar
  • Patient Billing
  • Marketing Campaigns

Tools for Practice Administrators

  • Settings / Preferences
  • Provider List
  • Team Members
  • Consents
  • Patient Message Management

Manage your medical practice on your terms

Most practice management systems were designed with insurance companies, billing protocols and the government in mind, not patients. And if you ever want to customize any tools, procedures or other aspects of the typical PM system, you can expect to pay extra (a lot extra) to the medical practice management service company to create a custom feature for you.

That’s not the case with Eva, the Expert Virtual Assistant. You don’t buy different modules with Eva; you purchase one package that includes everything. When we hand over the keys to Eva, your comprehensive practice management system, you get every feature you need to run an efficient and successful practice.

Even better, the user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and infinitely customizable, so you and your team can create custom exam and treatment plans, patient surveys, membership programs, marketing campaigns, coupons and more!

You can also count on the support team at Eva Health to be there for you when you need us. Though, in reality, most practices find the Eva practice manager software to be so user-friendly and easy to use, they rarely need technical support. That being said, as an Eva client, you receive:

  • Fully customized, one-on-one Eva Onboarding.
  • Access to the Eva Academy, our online learning academy to help you take your practice to the next level.
  • Eva Care, unmatched customer support that operates as health care for the medical practice, while being individualized for your needs.

Maximize communication and efficiencies with Eva’s streamlined, interconnected features

What makes Eva so efficient? Unlike traditional practice management systems—that consist of siloed features that can’t communicate with each other—all the features of the Eva platform are totally interconnected. For example, say you are a …

  • Practitioner who wants to send a patient a message about a prescription dosage.
  • Practice manager who is tasked to order supplies based on Eva insights.
  • Receptionist who needs to message a practitioner that a patient is waiting in Exam Room B.
  • Practitioner who needs to send a patient prescription request to a pharmacy.

All of these messages, tasks and communication tools can be easily accessed on the spot, whether from a practitioner’s office or patient room. Everything pertaining to a patient’s record and administrative tools is centrally located and interconnected, so you don’t have to jump from page to page, regardless of the task. Not only does Eva’s superior functionality save time, it helps ensure continuity of care because users don’t end up forgetting to perform a task or message someone. They just do it because the tools are right in front of them.

Key Eva Practice Management Systems Features

  • When you utilize Eva’s medical management software to manage your practice, communicating with patients couldn’t be easier. Not only can the provider message patients directly, practice managers can easily manage appointments and rescheduling. In addition, patients have direct access to their personal health records, including provider notes, lab results, prescription refills and billing (including Eva’s Smart Medical Super Bill with treatment CPT and ICD 10 codes). If a patient has a question, they can easily communicate with the practice through the secure and HIPPA-compliant patient portal.

  • Every practitioner has his or her own unique approach to interacting with, examining and treating patients. That’s why Eva allows providers to build their own exam and treatment plans within the platform. For example, say you regularly perform complex procedures like stem cell treatments. You create the treatment plan based on best medical practices and proper compliance, along with how you interact with the patient. Once complete, the plan is entered into Eva and stored for future use. Building your own plans makes it easy to go from “Hello patient” to “Here’s your bill” because you won’t have to think about each step.

    In addition, if a provider wants to complement Eva’s AI-generated patient survey with follow-up questions pertaining to a specific ailment, they can create their own patient surveys as well. Once stored in the platform, these customized patient surveys can be asked of the patient when they confirm their appointment, with the updated information automatically saved in the patient’s chart for the provider to review.

  • Whether you operate a direct primary care practice or your practice offers additional services like aesthetics, nutrition and others, Eva makes it easy to create custom memberships for your patients. For example, the memberships feature allows the direct primary care practice to streamline the management of monthly fees, while an aesthetics practitioner could create a quarterly membership for ongoing services like Botox. The options are endless.

  • Since Eva is an all-inclusive practice management suite, managing inventory and creating purchase orders is a breeze. Our practice manager software is so efficient it can handle much of the work of a traditional medical assistant and front desk staffer, which helps reduce staffing costs and increase revenue. Eva also includes a charge capture feature, so you don’t forget to charge for items that traditionally get overlooked.

    With Eva medical practice management software, the practice manager always has a clear picture of inventory levels, so running out of supplies is no longer an issue. How does it work? If the practitioner sees a patient and performs a procedure that requires certain supplies, those items get deducted from the actual inventory on the practice management system. When supplies are running low the practice manager receives an alert, so they can create a purchase order and replenish their supply.

  • At Eva, we white label our practice management systems, so you can place your practice’s branding front and center. It’s about you, not about us. From the beautifully designed interactive screens utilized in exam rooms to the patient portal, your brand appears just as if you wrote the PM system yourself. Eva also comes with built-in, customizable email marketing templates that can be modified based on your needs. This allows you to streamline patient promotions and other important communications.

The best practice management solutions put patients first

In most practices, patient visits involve the practitioner burying his or her head in a laptop collecting patient history, spending very little time engaging in a real conversation with the patient. Unlike traditional EHR practice management systems, Eva (the Expert Virtual Assistant) was designed by an independent practitioner for independent practitioners who want to flip that script.

Our smart electronic health record software was developed in a successful, cash-based medical practice setting—with decades of physician insight and clinical research—along with amazing software developers who were way ahead of their time.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Eva guides patients through an intuitive pre-visit questionnaire that extracts and interprets patient history. That insight is automatically entered in the patient’s health record for the practitioner to review. This feature is the heart and soul of Eva’s medical practice management solutions.

Eva is the ONLY medical practice management software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract patient history and analyze it. Our PM system software was written for instant comprehension and rapid acquisition of information, so the practitioner can spend quality time with the patient instead of wasting time gathering information during a patient visit. Eva truly allows the independent practitioner to put patients first.

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Who can benefit from Eva Practice Management Systems?

Direct Care Practitioners • Integrated Medicine Practitioners • Nurse Practitioners  •  Physician Assistants • Osteopathic Doctors • Practice Managers

Are you a practitioner who is truly committed to providing the best care possible for your patients? Eva is the only medical practice management software that allows you to accomplish that goal, day in and day out. Practice managers who want a practice management system that makes it easy to be super-efficient at their jobs, while reducing costs and increasing revenue can also benefit from Eva.

Eva is ideal for independent practitioners and practice managers who run cash-based medical practices. Our practice manager software is so good at maximizing efficiencies that practitioners spend significantly less time recording patient history, charting and sweating over compliance. That means practitioners have more time to build quality relationships with patients, and ultimately, provide better patient care.

Have questions about Eva, the Expert Virtual Assistant? Contact us to learn how Eva can help your practice improve efficiencies, increase revenue and maximize patient outcomes.