Eva is an all-inclusive smart medical software featuring

 Practice Management Suite, Medical Records, E-Scripts, Scheduling, Billing, Communications, and more…

Patient Charting

Eva’s smart patient charting starts the moment an appointment is scheduled and automatically begins…

  • Conducting a thorough Smart Patient Interview via Eva Core
  • Building & populating a patient chart with a thorough Patient History, Physical Exam, Treatment Plan, and Diagnostic Codes
  • Generating a Smart Medical Super Bill with corresponding treatment CPT and ICD 10 codes
  •  All before you walk into the patient’s room.
  • Helping you deliver fast rock-solid documentation and excellent patient care every visit.

Patient Interview

Eva’s smart patient interview, Eva Core conducts a thorough customized history, organizes the patient data, and populates the patient chart with…

  • Accurate and robust Patient Data
  • Patient Health History
  • Allergies and Current Medications
  • Health Score, Health Graph, and Health Alerts
  • In a beautiful easy-to-use format
  • Increasing patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Cutting back charting time by 90%

Patient Scheduling

Eva’s Smart Scheduling is fully customized to your needs taking your independent medical practice operations to the next level. The moment an appointment is scheduled Eva’s smart technology starts to work and takes care of…

  • All Patient Interaction details
  • All Patient Communications before and after the visit
  • Building the full Clinical Workflow for each patient visit – the way you want it
  • Conducting a thorough Smart Patient Interview
  • Building the Smart Patient Chart
  • Generating a Smart Medical Super Bill with corresponding treatment CPT and ICD 10 codes
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Patient Billing

Eva Smart Billing is built for the cash-based private medical practice and designed for maximum patient financial freedom.

  • Automatic invoice creation
  • Invoice connected to the Smart Patient Chart 
  • Patient Payment Options
    • Memberships 
    • Payment plans
    • Split/Partial payment
    • Discounts
    • Coupons
  • Complete super bill for private insurance submission
  • 2-day deposit on all payments

Patient & Medical Practice Messaging

Eva Messaging & Tasking makes communication with patients and staff easy and HIPAA compliant.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Quick bi-directional messaging to Patients, Staff Groups, and Clinical Staff
  • Quick tasking for Staff Groups, Clinic Staff, and Patient Specific Needs


Eva’s intuitive and robust e-scripts platform, Eva Rx,  makes searching, writing, and submitting e-prescriptions fast and easy.

  • Fully certified through the Surescripts network
  • DEA certified for security and compliance
  • ID.me provider authentication
  • In-house dispensing
  • Custom compound drug templates
  • Fast, accurate and easily accessible pharmacy lookup
  • Saved sigs for auto-recall
  • Auto-inactivate prescription
  • Future-fill prescriptions
  • Batch prescriptions (multiple pharmacies)

Lab Integration

Eva fully integrates lab data from your lab vendors. Review, sign, and easily message your patients about results and staff about the next steps.

  • HL7 integration with every major laboratory
  • Eva flags abnormal ranges for easy viewing and action
  • Quickly make provider comments about findings
  • Message patients from the lab review page
  • Graph lab findings and view custom trends over time
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Patient Portal

Eva bridges the gap between you and your patients by introducing a fully open note patient portal. Eva gives your patients full access to their appointments, messages, records, labs, invoices, and uploaded files saving your practice time and giving your patients the information they need.

  • Personal patient portal
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Access to practice contact info, upcoming appointments, billing invoices, visit notes, labs, documents, prescriptions, and messaging

Practice Management Suite

Eva’s practice management suite makes it easy to customize, optimize and efficiently manage all your clinic operations ensuring financial success.

  • Unlimited, custom Patient Interactions and Patient Surveys
  • Unlimited, custom Physical Exam and Treatment Plan Templates
  • Unlimited, custom Memberships: Direct Primary Care, Aesthetics, Nutrition, etc.
  • Fully integrated Inventory Management & Purchase Orders
  • Custom medical practice branding and email marketing
  • Eva clients see an average 38% revenue increase within 6 months.

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