Smart Treatment Planning

With Eva you can design, build and implement fully customized, patient-centric treatment plans.

Positive patient outcomes are built from an engaging and meaningful wellness journey. Realistically, this requires exceptional planning and implementation. Simply put, this means healthcare providers must document an effective treatment plan that will address a patient’s needs and goals, while considering all the factors that play a role in their wellbeing.

Treatment plans are a crucial part of any healthcare practice and are the main task of a practitioners’ day-to-day work with patients. Eva is a smart medical practice management software built to support positive patient outcomes, and treatment planning is key to patient success. 

Create Your Treatment Plans

With Eva, medical providers can design, build and fully customize high-quality patient treatment plan templates. These treatment plan templates optimize care delivery, create a more efficient workflow, and prioritize patient needs by recording all essential information.


Access Your Treatment Plan Library

Once a treatment plan has been created it is added to your clinic’s treatment plan library. Any treatment plan can be accessed, edited and optimized at anytime from any patient chart. Simply search, select and the treatment plan is dropped straight into the patient chart.


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