Onboarding a New Medical Software

The right medical software solution built around patient outcomes greatly increases your team’s productivity and business efficiency. The hard part is getting your whole team to seamlessly learn, use, and get the most value out of the medical software. Onboarding a new medical software means all parties have to be fully engaged and committed to the learning process. Medical software training, or in other words – onboarding should help your independent medical practice succeed NOT fail.

Let’s take a look at what onboarding is, how the process works, and why it is necessary for setting up a new medical software solution.


Let’s talk about onboarding medical software

Onboarding is the education through which team members learn the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to effectively use a new medical software system. There are many tools used in this process such as meetings, lectures, videos, printed materials, computer-based training, and computer/in-person hybrid training to introduce clients to their new medical software.

Research shows that when onboarding is done correctly, it leads to better performance levels and higher job satisfaction.

Onboarding is the phase you as a customer goes through after making the decision that you want to use new software in your independent medical practice. After onboarding, the goal is to be a fully set-up user knowing how to extract the most value from your new system.


How does onboarding work?

The style of onboarding very much depends on the type of software, but of course also on your medical practice. Excellent onboarding starts with understanding you as a customer – your current situation, practice setup, practice priorities, what you want to achieve with the new medical software, and your definition of success. This is why we ask you these questions the moment you request an Eva Demo. Your answers help guide the Eva Health team in identifying and building a customized project plan to guide you through the full onboarding process.


Continuous Onboarding

And the truth is onboarding should never stop. As a medical software company, our goal is to offer features that evolve and change over time to meet the needs of independent medical practices. As we release new features we support your learning. We know good onboarding leads to a continuous learning process.


Onboarding at Eva Health

At Eva Health we believe in a collaborative onboarding experience with every new client. Our process looks like this:

  1. Eva Demo and Onboarding Questions. From the moment a client requests a demo we begin planning for successful onboarding. When you request an Eva Demo we ask you questions to begin building an understanding of your needs.
  2. Eva Sign-up and Onboarding Meeting. Once you sign-up for Eva we set a time to meet and discuss your needs. We then discuss onboarding options we believe will best fit those needs.
  3. Eva Official Onboarding Begins. Simple as that. Our Eva Onboarding is a guided and resourceful process that supports you through the six stages of onboarding. These six stages are: Prepare, Build, Train, Release, Use, and Growth & Maintenance.
  4. Continuous Learning. Your continual learning is supported through Eva Chat, Eva Help Center, New Feature Communications, and our support team.


Final Thoughts …

Professional and customized onboarding to get everyone on board with using the new system is necessary. Onboarding is important. This is why we at Eva Health help you identify the best onboarding path for your independent medical practice needs. To learn more about Eva and Eva Onboarding contact our team at onboarding@evahealth.com.



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