A Smart Patient Intake – Evolve From Wasteful Minutes to Impactful Seconds

A Smarter Patient Intake

Directly from Patient to Their Health Record BEFORE the Appointment

In the world of healthcare, every minute counts. A smart patient intake that balances efficiency with quality information significantly impacts both patient care and provider productivity. Traditionally, providers ask many questions using standard detailed forms to learn about a patient’s medical history and symptoms. Smart patient interviews make this process more efficient by seamlessly integrating details into patient charts with health patterns and alerts, marking a new era in healthcare.

1. Eliminate administrative strain, cost, and errors with a completely paperless intake.

Providers Must Exit Healthcare or Evolve to Thrive

  • Patients can provide information directly into the system with virtual forms. Built-in patient intake validation rules minimize the risk of errors in patient records.
  • Eva eliminates the costs that traditional paper-based intake systems incur. Ditch expenses associated with printing, storing, and managing physical forms, plus enduring and correcting errors.
  • Everyone (staff AND patients) can easily access and manage patient information from a centralized digital platform. Save time and reduce frustration.

2. Simplify compliance with custom forms that make sense for your practice.

  • Enjoy pre-designed templates that are tailored to common regulatory requirements in healthcare. These templates serve as a starting point, saving time and effort in creating forms or charting from scratch.
  • Long before the patient enters the room, the whole staff can see (plus, patients can easily complete!) outstanding forms.
  • Eva allows you to create custom patient intake forms, consent forms, and clinical assessments, designed to meet the specific needs and regulations of your practice.

3. Ditch generic forms. The intuitive interview enhances patient care, provider insight, and practice profitability.

  • Instead of relying on one-size-fits-all forms, Eva engages patients in a personalized, conversational interview tailored to their unique health needs and concerns.
  • Before the patient enters the room, Eva captures a comprehensive health story that goes beyond generic, surface-level data. She organizes health trends and alerts by health system in a beautiful chart  that highlights underlying issues.
  • This holistic view enables healthcare providers to better understand the patient’s individual needs and tailor care accordingly.

By leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance patient care, we’re revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered, from the patient intake. Join us in embracing this exciting transformation. Unlock the potential of impactful seconds resulting in better patient outcomes, and easier, more profitable workdays. Both can be true. 😉

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