Eva Medical Software: Onboarding Support

Onboarding Medical Software Support

Welcome to the Eva Podcast where we discuss all things Health Information Technology (HIT) in relationship to running an independent out-patient medical practice.

In today’s episode, we speak with Dr.James Mahoney, Nathan Armstrong, and Jeremy Miles about the onboarding support provided to adopt our medical software solution, Eva. Traditional medical software or EMR/EHR companies provide you with onboarding directed around the transportation of your medical data and learning how to use the system. This approach fails to ask, answer, and provide a solution to the most important question of the entire onboarding process, “How do you want this software to support you in your daily clinical workflow?”. To answer this question and provide a solution Eva Health’s onboarding focuses on defining your unique clinical workflows and training Eva on how to do them. Eva is your expert virtual assistant, let us support you in training her to accomplish your clinical workflow tasks.


Is Eva Right for You? Video 1

Is Eva Right for You? Video 2

How to Transfer Patient Data 

Eva Onboarding: Stage One Prepare




AI in Healthcare
AI in Healthcare
Eva Medical Software: Onboarding Support

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